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Four guys enjoying their bachelor party surprise! light sex trips is back with yet again another cock cracking scene in Amsterdam where a guest from the Netherlands called Boy brings along three friends with him as one of them is getting married the next day, so they go out and arrange his stag do at a an adult sex cinema where a young hot hooker called Carmen waited for them to arrive as she was doing a strip show. When the night finally came, and the camera got recording, the horny hooker walked into the cinema room disturbing their sex movie where she starts to do a sexy dance turning them all on.  Before long they get that randy they wait till the whore gets all her clothes off before getting their hands all over her sleek body. They then one by start to get their cocks sucked by the bitch as she goes round them licking their shafts from top to bottom making them moan with ecstasy before getting on her hands and knees along the husband to be slide his cock deep within her experienced pussy in which he thrusts hard making them both moan in pleasure whilst she continues to suck off the others. Several minutes later, all the guys have had their turn and they finally end the night brilliantly as they all shoot their hot jizz in her slutty face leaving her to clean up their mess. If you would like to see all of this and more go to Amsterdam Window Hookers now! What are you waiting for!?

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This week the action continues with the hooker streets of Amsterdam but this time I was joined by an Italian called Guiseppe. Now his girl preferences where mature blondes with large tits and had to know how to give a good blowjob, well he soon got his wish as I took him down to a well known brothel with girls of all ages, shapes and sizes! When we got outside the window he saw the girl for him as a large blonde milf stood flashing her voluptuous body at him through the window. When we went inside, I paid the hooker off giving Guiseppe a free shag on the condition I was allowed to film them both, costing a lot more money though of course, So after waiting for him to take off his clothes I started to roll the camera as he made the plump slut suck on his meaty thick brown member causing him to moan with delight before taking hold of her fat arse, sliding his dick deep within her pink crack, making them both shiver in pleasure as his saggy balls started to slap off her arse. As the action continued throughout the night, he fucked the fat bitch till she was sore before leaving her a tip of his spunk all over her face. If you would like to see this hooker in action, just go to Amsterdam Window Hookers!

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This horny black guy called face gets his cock sucked by a kinky redhead hooker, when he goes to the red light district of Amsterdam to see what it’s all about.  When he arrives at the town, he meets up with one of the crew members to go on a tour before heading down to the brothel where his girl awaits. When they arrive at her window the hooker sits flashing her body where they stand complimenting her big juicy tits, as Face loves his jugs! Eventually they then make their way inside and give her the money before going off into the bedroom where she gets out his thick black cock. A few minutes later, she’s sucking on his meat feast making him moan with ecstasy before letting him slide his shaft deep within her wet cunt making them both shiver in pleasure as his balls start to slap repetitively off her perky bum cheeks. She then bends her back as he slides it in her starfish making the whore moan with joy until several positions later; he covers her face in a thick layer of hot semen in which she wipes it off her face with her fingers before licking it off! All at Amsterdam Window Hookers!

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This weeks episode of red light district we have a horny sex tourist called Bernt, who comes all the way from Switzerland to visit the Amsterdam hookers in all their glory. In this scene you will see him fuck the bitch till he shoots his trophy up her face leaving her to shallow every drop! When the scene starts, we meet Bernt in the market before going off to the red light district in search of his hot horny babe. After a few minutes of searching, they finally come across his milf with banging hips and a hot pussy in which they make their way inside the shop to pay her, before getting led off into the back bedroom where we started to roll the camera. As the action pushed on, the milf got her mouth wrapped around his thick meaty cock making him moan with ecstasy as his foreskin thrusted upon her teeth before allowing him to slide his juicy dick deep between her pink pussy lips giving them both shivers of pleasure that make them moan louder with joy.  Watch on as he gets his cock sucked licked and fucked until he gives her a hot load of sticky spunk that drips down her face at Amsterdam Window Hookers now!

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This sexy hooker hottie takes a load in her face when she sucks off Lonny from Indonesia. She’s a sexy brunette bitch with one massive pair of tits which Lonny wanted to see in full swing when he walked in the Amsterdam brothel to see her sitting there with no customers. Being perfect for the job, red light sex trips decided to choose her for Lonny as he kept saying how he liked small petite girls with tattoos! When red light met him in the town they made their way to her brothel in which they gave her the money before being led off into the backroom where she started to guide his cock in between her teeth, giving him a shiver of pleasure that makes him moan for more. As the scene pushes on, he eventually slides his thick juicy dick in her pussy hole making them both moan excessively with delight as his heavy ball sack slapped viciously off her sweet ass ! After pounding her pussy for five, he then slid his cock in her tight round butt hole giving her one beastly orgasm until several minutes later; he gives her a sticky surprise that drips down her face! Just go to Amsterdam Window Hookers now!

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This Italian sex tourist called Bruno gets his wish when he finds himself shagging a mature chubby hooker that he books when taking a trip to Amsterdam. Red light sex trips wait for him to arrive as they pay the chick for Bruno with the understanding they are allowed to film them fucking. After a long wait, they finally met up and get introduced before making their way to one of the well known brothels to find his kinky female which is chubby with a fat ass! When they arrive at the shop, the young girl opens the door and introduces them before talking money as these girls don’t come cheap! After giving her the cash, they make their way into the bedroom where she strips off his clothes and starts to vigorously suck on his hard boner making him groan in pleasure before getting on her hands and knees allowing him to slip his juicy thick member deep inside her gaping wet crack hole in which he starts to pound the little whore like no tomorrow until several minutes later, his thick spunk shoots all over her body and drips off her nipples leaving him smiling all over his face. Just go to Amsterdam Window Hookers now to see the action for yourselves or book your trip to Amsterdam to get the fuck you’ll never forget!

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This week at Red light sex trips, a horny sex tourist from the Ukraine goes to Amsterdam to get his balls emptied on a hooker but like most chaps he’s very particular and only wants a chick with big tits that he can get to suck lick and fuck his cock dry! When the scene starts they make their way to the brothel to meet the big titty beauty where they fall in love with her breasts instantly so before long she had the money in her hand as well as his thick fat cock that she slid round her tongue.  As the action continues, he then slotted his member in between her massive tits giving him a titty wank making him moan with ecstasy until a few minutes after he shoved his meat wrench in her tool box making them both groan with pleasure as his balls slapped off her round firm arse cheeks making them moan even more. Watch on as the tourist gives her something to moan about when several positions later, he shoots a slimy wave of spunk over her face leaving it to drip in her mouth! Just go to Amsterdam Window Hookers to book your Amsterdam adventure! What are you waiting for!?

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Hey welcome to red light sex trips where host rick goes to meet a sex tourist from Berlin in Amsterdam called Angelo. When this scene starts, watch as they make their way around the red light district in search of a horny brunette slut for him to fuck. After a few minutes of searching the guys finally come across a hot brunette standing in one of the doorways who looks perfect for the job so they go over and ask her to find she jumps at the chance to star in a porno. As the action starts to roll, they pay the hooker a lump sum before going into the back room where she starts to suck on his throbbing member making him groan slightly as his foreskin thrusted on her teeth. A few more minutes later, he then slides his thick piece of meat deep inside her warm wet cave giving them both shivers of pleasures they groaned with joy. He then fucks the little whore until her pussy hole is sore leaving him no choice but to shove his thick dick in her tight butthole giving them both more intense pleasures as his balls slapped about her skin. Watch as several minutes later, he shoots his thick cream in her mouth making her shallow every drop!

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This week on Red light sex trips a Swedish guy called Pim comes to Amsterdam to get his cock played with by the finest hookers around. In this scene you will see him cock up his leg when inserting his meat into a young teen blondes shaven pussy hole until he shoots his cum in her hair! When the scene starts, the crew meat up with Pim before going on a short tour around the markets until Pim can’t take any more so they make their way down to the red light district where he finds himself a tight bodied blonde who loves a good spank! After paying the whore her money, Pim got to work as he made her suck on every inch of his thick meaty member making his foreskin slip on her teeth as they moaned with excitement. A few minutes later, she then got her moist snatch filled with thick juicy dick as she bent her back over the bed for him to thrust his meat sack further in her cunt giving them more pleasure until several minutes later, she gets shot in the face by a spurt of hot cum! If you would like to see all this and more then go to Amsterdam Window Hookers!

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This Italian sex tourist called Claudio gets down and dirty in Amsterdam with a mature blonde hooker, when he meets up with Bob in search of a pretty girl with big tits that is willing to suck his balls and suffer the feeling of his hot semen shooting all over her skin. When the scene kicks off, you see the two meet up before walking around the markets of Amsterdam until deciding to go to the red light district. After searching the windows for a few minutes, the guys come across a mature blonde milf who is willing to do anything he wishes for a fair price. After giving her the cash, the two then make their way into the back bedroom where she slowly takes off his clothes before pulling out his whole member which she slots in her mouth, making him moan loudly with ecstasy. A few moments on, the whore then takes his huge member and slowly guides it into her dripping pussy crack, making him moan louder in pleasure as her arse begins to pound up and down on his meaty flesh, until several positions later, he continues to pound her so hard he feels his spunk filling in the end of his cock so he pulls out and shoots it all over her slim pale body leaving her to clean up his mess. Just go to Amsterdam Window Hookers now!